About us

Our brand started with Juniper "The Happiest Fox" in 2017 when we began selling our first small items. Those purchases helped launch our rescue, providing housing, food, and vet care for numerous animals throughout the years. Now we would like to use our brand to help others do the same. A portion of each purcahse will be donated to wildlife non-profits around the country.


All animals deserve love and respect. Though our designs we hope to captivate people and capture the uniqueness of each species we feature, primarily focusing on North America's native wildlife.



Our goal is to help people see the necessity of wildlife though creative, fun, and wholesome designs. We aim to help others with a similar mission by donating a portion of our proceeds to those actively helping wildlife through rehabilitation and conservation.

  • Veronica Steiner

    I'm Veronica, a Florida born and raised painter and illustrator. Watercolor, acrylic, oil, basically anything that will hold still long enough, I'll paint! My passion is for animals that aren't typically seen as beautiful. 

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  • Holly Willams

    Inspired by the environment & ecology around them, Holls Walck delves into connections rooted within the natural world.  
    The desert based illustrator's work is fueled by wilderness and isolation. Originally a northeast transplant, Walck relocated to the West to focus on artistic exploration. 
    Focusing on elements such as hydrology, selenography, desert textures, native flora & fauna, Walck’s illustrations are a personal reflection of their experiences and relationships with the sacredness of the natural spaces they encounter & dwell.

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